There is a very old and true saying that goes “Necessity is the mother of invention”. In 2013, SkyTherapist’s founder, Keith Jones, realized there was a need for people to have access to 24-hour mental health care. Because even if someone is lucky enough to live somewhere that mental health care is available, it’s not always accessible. It was this realization combined with some profound life altering events that made him see the need. Afterall, mental health can’t always wait for regular business hours.

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Employees located nationwide

Rapidly growing network

with thousands of providers nationwide for in-person and telemedicine

SkyTherapist® currently performs thousands Comp & Pen exams per month for the Veteran’s Administration and is the general provider of choice for this critical government agency.

This year, SkyTherapist® is on track to onboard over 80,000 veterans. Sadly so many of our brave service men and women have fallen through the cracks in terms of mental health.

SkyTherapist® offers a variety of programs from fulltime to part time. Care providers currently make between $20,000 to $300,000 a year. By 2032, SkyTherapist’s goal is to not only be the largest telepsychology/psychiatry solution in the United States, but also to expand into at least 10 other countries.

Meet some members of the Team

Keith Jones

Founder & CEO

Amber Pate

EVP Network Relations Officer

Dr. Emon Hossain

Medical Director 

Gessan Bohanon

EAP & Project Manager

Teresa Chavarria

Credentialing Specialist

Laurice Lambert


Leslie Harrison