How it Works for Patients

We all feel the pressures of daily life more and more. With how fast the world is moving these days, who has time to sit in traffic or waiting rooms? There are times in life when talking it out with a friend just isn’t enough. Times like that, a licensed therapist is the best solution.

SkyTherapist® is the 24/7 platform to getting the help you need no matter where you are located!

So how does it work? We’re glad you asked! SkyTherapist® uses its patented A.I. algorithm to link you with the perfect therapist. After you sign up, and tell us a bit about your needs, you can be speaking to a licensed therapist via phone, text or video in as little as 48 hours. Our SkyTherapist® app is safe, secure and HIPAA- Compliant.

Start living your best life with the
help of SkyTherapist®.