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Virtual therapy has proven to be as effective as conventional methods.

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At SkyTherapistTM, we believe you should receive the support you need to face the challenges life brings – in a professional, empathetic manner. That means your sessions should be highly productive and focused on you. This is why we developed a patent-pending system supported by cutting edge technology individualized for you so you can feel the best wherever you are.

Healthy Mind. Healthy Life.

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  • Accessibility

    With SkyTherapistTM, you will have the support you need through our mobile technologies - anytime, anywhere.

  • Privacy

    The SkyTherapistTM platform enables you to interact with your therapist through a highly secure back-end in the privacy of your own home or wherever you choose.

  • Affordability

    Most insurance plans cover virtual therapy now. Plus, SkyTherapistTM saves you time from traveling to an appointment and time away from work, school, or family.

  • Efficiency

    Peer reviewed research shows that live online therapy is as effective as conventional methods.

  • Continuous Care

    SkyTherapistTM's mobile app will ensure you adhere to a regimen of care that you and your therapist have agreed upon in between sessions.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    SkyTherapistTM constantly monitors your level of satisfaction with your sessions and makes appropriate enhancements based on your valued feedback.

  • The Right Therapist

    A sophisticated, patent-pending algorithm will match you to the right therapist based on your preferences and outlooks on life.

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