It’s no secret that all jobs come with pressure, no matter the field. These pressures feel even bigger when working for a government agency. SkyTherapist® is an ideal partner for both your agency and employees. Over the past decade, we have worked with over 5,000 Behavioral Healthcare providers, helping tens of thousands of our veterans in the VA. Our A.I. Matching Algorithm ensures your staff gets connected to the Right Therapist that best meets their needs.

SkyTherapist® offers:

Appointments available 24/7 via phone, text or video

Simplified Billing that is compatible with insurance plans

A long track record of working with government agencies including DoL, FRA, ECT, VA and numerous national security agencies.

Easy enrolment

HIPAA Secure platform

Eliminate the hassles

SkyTherapist® eliminates the hassles of long wait times and missed appointments Our licensed professionals are skilled in helping you deal with a wide array of problems that may arise in your personal or professional life. Be it crisis response, work/life balance, managing stress & building resiliency, leadership training and management consultations to help your managers navigate challenges of dealing with employees.

Find the perfect therapist

With our patented A.I. algorithm your employees will find the perfect therapist to help your employees thrive in the workplace! Allowing them to go in (or log in) to work happily and for them to go home (or log out) happy!

Working with your HR & Management teams

SkyTherapist® also works as a partner with your HR team and management teams! We’ll provide them with unlimited consultations so everyone in your company can take full advantage of the benefits SkyTherapist® has to offer! Allowing us to help you and your employees, helps them be the best and happiest versions of themselves that they can be!