Employee assistance programs


Skytherapist has been in the sky since 2014. We are among the first innovators to offer behavioral health treatment in the sky!

Skytherapist offers CORE EAP functions using today’s most efficient, yet effective, mode of delivery.

Our primary focus is to provide efficient, effective and directional behavioral health care to your hard to reach employees troubled employees.

Skytherapist is driven by results. We developed sky high methods of treatment toreturn employees to their highest level of stability and productivity.

  • • Our sky-high innovators have developed a one-touch journey to wellness
  • • It takes dedication and experience to providequick and effective behavioral healthservices, built onefficient servicedelivery.Skytherapist focuses on what’s relative to a changing environment, adjusting their methods of delivery to meet the consumers’needs.
  • • You can be certain our counselors are available and ready to serve. Our existing contracts demand it.
  • • Let ushelp your employee with speed and efficiency using our one-point, hassle-free platform.
  • • We mitigate corporate risk. The fasteryou get help for employees who are unstable and stressed, the more likely you are to identify and divert potentialviolence inthe workplace.

Past studies find that employees performance falls between 67% to 70% of their full capability, making early intervention a valuable resource.

  • • Skytherapist will provide unlimited Managerial Consultations to support your managers, when dealing with difficult employee problems.
  • • YourSkytherapist on-line access will be branded to your platform and will providework/life options.You will also see a “live chat”link to a licensed counselor or a Master’s level CEAP.

Skytherapist’s EAP is outcome driven, striving to return workers to their highest level of productivity

Customized plans

We serve you live

Text, chat or talk

Employees will thrive!

A.) Skytherapist: Your one-touch journey to wellness.

As an employer, you will have a one-stop link to us. You will have the option of texting or phoning and speaking directly to your EAP representative, when you need to troubleshoot or report an immediate concern.

Your employees will have the same option. They will be able to reach help with one touch, on- line or by phone. Skytherapist is committed to keeping the workplace safe for everyone.

Skytherapist is concerned about the number of connections needed for your employees to get help in real time.Consequently, our approach is simple. Employees will have access to the employee help website, where help will be one click away. A link will take them directly to a Master’s Level Counselor, who can help them immediately.

Skytherapist has trained crisis workers on staff who will be available day and night to keep your employees’ safe.

B.) We have extensive experience serving remote areas and connecting people with care quickly and efficiently, throughout the United States, using our time-proven algorithms for a fit the first time. Our process will avoid the pitfall of having your employee passed from person to person before getting help (sharing a patient quote here will have impact)Our corporate client’s have employees located around the country in some of the most remote areas. They love our ability to provide services quickly, using our virtual platform and our commitment to one-stop help. Moreover, Managers and Administrators love having one point of service so, when significant employee problems develop, they can reach someone in real time and devise a plan to mitigate risk to other employees and to the organization.

C.) Human Resource Executives realize that 80% of their time is spent with 20% of their employees, or with the problems they create. Skytherapist provides your management with unlimited Managerial Consultations. This means that anyone in your organization acting in a position of leadership will have a Skytherapist EAP Credentialed Counselor ready to assist them, when dealing with difficult employees.
D.) Customized Plans:.

Reach for the Sky and customize the plan you need:

Skytherapist offers optional add-ons to help serve your workforce and their specific needs.

  • • We have a chatbot to help employees and family members suffering from SUD (Substance Use Disorders) or rehabilitating from a physical illness.
  • • Our robust virtual and physical child-care and eldercare servicesare available with one click, as a digitally driven experience. You have the added option of providing a phone line for people needing these services. (Share comments from our contracted services).The flexibility and responsiveness of our design provides added value to our clients.
E.) , we serve you live! We are there when you need us!.

Skytherapist has extensive experience serving all 50 states updated. Our updated network actively serves employees around the country with 24/7 coverage. The Skytherapist customer base reaches the most remote areas in the United States; it demand dependable connections. Matching employees with the right care is done using highly developed algorithms, finding the right match the first time around.

F.) Reach for the Sky with high-touch employee assistance innovations.

Your employees will have the ability to call by phone, use our “Live Chat Line” or click on our “Text a Counselor” option. This makes it easy for managers to refer an employee to the system. The employee can simply click a link, if they don’t feel ready to phone for an appointment. Emergency sessions can be handled by phone or text. Our front line counselors are trained to identify potential violence and self-harm. Skytherapist is committed to keeping your workplace safe for all employees.

G.)Your Employees with Thrive!.

Skytherapist developers have administered programs and worked in the field of employee assistance for over 35 years. Our employees have committed their careers’ to workplace wellness, safety and crisis management.

Getting your employees well and keeping them there is our top concern. Skytherapist focuses on confidentiality, efficiency and producing the very best outcomes to keep your workplace safe and productive.

As we work together for the well-being of your employees, you will have a direct access to your program administer, along with unlimited managerial consultations, to help identify problems in the workforce and help you better manage your risk.

We encourage employees to use our services by making it easy to click, text or call.

Skytherapist will provide outcome data by using tools to track success at discharge. Our data does not identify individuals by name gender or departments. Our data is driven by our adherence to HIPAA regulations.

We look forward to working together and helping youget sky-high results!