Why Teletherapy during the Holidays?

By Ken Scroggs, LCSW, LPC, LMFT, CEAP

Access to counseling service makes a measurable difference during the holiday season for numerous reasons. The issues clients face during the holiday may result in a range of symptoms from moderate stress to overwhelming depression.

We encourage therapists to review their client lists in preparation for the holiday, and to identify those clients who are at risk for such concerns as an increase in isolation and/or depression, anxiety related to family/friends relationships conflicts, anger management issues, alcohol/drug dependency, co-morbid issues related to hypertension, diabetes and/or medication compliance, and simply being overcommitted to numerous responsibilities. It might be expected to have as many as 50% of your clients may benefit from at least one or two Teletherapy sessions from Thanksgiving into the first or second week of the New Year.

For come clients it can be the most important of times for maintaining their treatment plans during challenging times. For others it can make the difference between relapse back into anxiety, anger, addiction,  or giant leaps forward toward a new and better life.

The Teletherapy may be a simple as a couple of brief telephone sessions for reassurance and review of the client’s goals and action plans, or a weekly video conference for a full strategy session on controlling anxiety or anger as well as creating a holiday that is fun and lively, and avoids isolation/depression.

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