How Psychological Stress Affects Your Physical Health

SkyTherapist wants to be your one-stop shop for good mental health, pairing you with the therapist who can tackle the challenges you face head-on. Good mental health, though, does more than help stave off depression and anxiety. There’s no clear divide between the mind and body; indeed, treating the two as separate entities is outdated, regressive thinking. Good mental health is a building block of good physical health, and at SkyTherapist, our mission is to help you achieve both.


Inflammation, Immunity, and Illness

Doctors increasingly believe that chronic inflammation may be at the heart of ailments ranging from rheumatoid arthritis to depression. Inflammation creates a vicious cycle: it can lead to psychological distress, but the psychological distress then causes more inflammation, causing both more psychological pain and a host of physical ailments. By seeking help for psychological challenges early, you can stop this cycle in its tracks.


Cardiovascular Disease and Stress

It’s no secret that stress is bad for your cardiovascular health. Chronic anxiety can cause sudden spikes in blood pressure that, over time, weaken your heart. Cardiovascular disease may also lead to mental health issues, thereby creating a cycle of stress, heart health problems, more stress, and more heart problems.


Obesity and Psychological Pain

Psychological distress is a major contributor to obesity. The obesity epidemic plays a role in everything from cancer to epidemic rates of heart disease, not to mention the chronic psychic stress of being obese in a world that devalues the overweight. Psychological pain may lead to obesity in a number of ways. First, suffering people may not have the energy or motivation to exercise or eat well. Second, they may use food to fill psychological voids, address boredom, or cope with daily stress. And finally, obesity can cause self-esteem to deteriorate and health to fail.


Trauma and Muscle Aches

Surviving a trauma such as a rape, natural disaster, or combat can lock the body in a permanent adrenaline rush. Over time, trauma experts say, this can wear the body down, leading to chronic unexplained pain. Many trauma survivors suffer from back and neck pain due to chronic tension, but no amount of physical therapy or drugs will help these symptoms without the proper psychiatric care. Working through the trauma can help you intense, enabling you to finally feel comfortably in your own skin.


Better Sleep, Better Health

If you’ve ever cried over a spilled drink or lashed out at your kids after a night of tossing and turning, you already know that inadequate sleep can wreak havoc on your mental health. A host of issues, ranging from depression to schizophrenia, can lead to insomnia or, less commonly, excessive sleepiness. Over time, inadequate sleep can tear down just about every body system, wrecking your immunity, leading to chronic pain, and worsening mental health. Getting the psychological support you need to get the sleep you deserve can help you, at long last, get things back on track.

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