Getting Employees to Use Your Workplace Wellness Program: 4 Tips for Success

Ninety-two percent of large companies offer workplace wellness programs, with many smaller businesses endeavoring to start their own programs. SkyTherapist offers assistance to businesses that want to establish a wellness program, but we often hear the same complaint echoed over and over again: employees aren’t taking advantage of the program! If you want to get the most out of your workplace wellness program here are four tips for getting employees to tap into its potential.


Advertise the Program

Your staff can’t take advantage of that with which they are unfamiliar, so don’t invest a ton of money into a program only to tell no one about it. New recruits should get a packet discussing the program, and old hires should attend seminars or meetings about the program. Hang up signs and distribute fliers, and when your wellness program offers a specific event or service, be sure to advertise it. In an increasingly busy world, employees have little time to comb through piles of documents, so don’t count on them to find details about your program in their HR documents.


Keep it Confidential

You probably already know that a workplace wellness program needs to protect employee confidentiality. But you might not have considered what needs to happen to achieve this end. At minimum, someone other than direct supervisors or other employees should oversee the program; this way employees don’t feel like they’re revealing their medical secrets to a boss or co-worker. It’s also a good idea to keep employee wellness program offices in a separate area of your building so that employees seeking assistance don’t feel like they have to out themselves.


Offer Mental Health Care

More than a quarter of Americans struggle with mental illness each year. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and similar conditions aren’t always visible, and don’t necessarily make people act “crazy.” They do, however, make life more difficult, and can even undermine workplace productivity. If you want to serve the largest number of people while making the biggest possible impact on office productivity, mental health care is a must-have for your wellness program.


Incentivize Wellness

Your wellness program isn’t doing everything it can if your office is dysfunctional or abusive. Likewise, if you promote an unhealthy culture, offer nothing but potato chips as snacks, or make it impossible for employees to take the time off they need to, you’re doing more harm than good. Ensure your wellness program goes the extra mile by promoting a healthy workplace culture. Reward employees who meet healthy goals by quitting smoking, losing weight, or going vegetarian. By practicing what you preach, you make your workplace a healthier, happier place that your employees can look forward to coming to each day.

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