Four Reasons to Consider a Workplace Wellness Program

In an increasingly cost-conscious society, it’s easy to dismiss workplace wellness programs—particularly those that target mental health—as little more than well-intentioned money-wasters. But Fortune 500 companies are increasingly offering mental health and substance abuse benefits, and some of the most successful companies offer the most extensive programs. IBM, for instance, offers employees additional compensation for healthy eating habits, quitting smoking, and completing health questionnaires. MD Anderson Cancer Center offers its employees one-on-one health coaching, access to yoga and other exercise programs, and maintains a working mothers’ club for vegetarians.


If these highly successful companies are able to swing such intensive workplace wellness programs, they must be onto something, right? Workplace wellness programs work; they make workers happy, create more success for entrepreneurs, and can actually save your business money in the long-term. With more than a quarter of Americans struggling with mental health issues each year, it’s simply good business to include mental health and substance abuse considerations in your corporate wellness package. SkyTherapist can help you establish a workplace wellness program that’s right for your company’s culture. We work with employers to ensure employees have confidential and efficient access to skilled therapists.


Your Employees Will Be Happier

With such a wide swath of the population struggling with mental health issues, it’s virtually guaranteed that at least a few people in your workplace struggle with mental health issues. Address these issues with a workplace wellness program, and you’ll have happier employees. This makes for a friendlier workplace and reduces conflict among staff.


Happier Employees Are More Productive

Research consistently shows that workplace wellness programs boost productivity. Your staff will miss fewer days of work, get more done when they’re at the office, and be more effective at their jobs. The days of draconian micromanagement are over; that management style never worked, so if you want to move into the 21st century, it’s time to take steps to ensure your employees are happy, healthy, and lead balanced lives.


Your Business’s Reputation Will Improve

Picture some of the world’s most successful companies—Google. Apple. IBM. What do they all have in common? A stellar reputation for excellent treatment of their staff. Companies that treat their workers well get loads of positive press, but companies with a history of poor treatment of their staff are often subject to a litany of complaint letters, constant negative press, and even protests. By providing your staff with the wellness programs they need to thrive, you’ll improve your reputation in the community, all while making your business a safe and happy place.


You’ll Save Money

Recruiting new employees can cost you thousands, and mental illness is the leading cause of disability. If you don’t offer your employees help to deal with mental health issues, they’ll leave your business quickly, and may do significant damage in the process. From the depressed secretary who’s rude to callers to the anxious attorney who can’t get his work done, refusing help to struggling employees will cost you more than just the significant sums associated with recruiting, hiring, and training a replacement.



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