Determining Which Patients or Clients Can Benefit From Teletherapy Over The Holiday

By Ken Scroggs, LCSW, LPC, LMFT, CEAP

Teletherapy services can save lives and improve mental fitness. Make your telephone and video conferencing services available over the holiday by evaluating your caseload against the following 3 client scenarios:

1. Reduce suicides: Ages 15 to 35. The CDC statistics reflects a suicide epidemic as it is the second leading cause of death ages 25 to 35, and the 3rd leading cause of death ages 15 to 24. Twenty-two Veterans commit suicide every day! Reassess suicidality among clients 15 to 35 as well as Veterans and their family members.

2. Relapse prevention. Review treatment plan and “triggers” among clients with substance abuse problems, and offer telephone support sessions. Encourage all clients to avoid drinking and driving as well as partaking to intoxication.

3. Family stress that triggers anxiety and depression symptoms. Review treatment plan for “reframing” negative triggers into preemptive, positive activities and affirmations. Plan to avoid isolation that may lead to depression.

Also consider listing the other client groups in your practice that will benefit by offering your services over the holiday. When therapists simply review their caseloads, opportunities will arise to provide a few additional services that will make a measurable difference.

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